Expertise in Data and Web Development

From Big Data and Web Tracking to Cloud Engineering – ONPEMA offers full-service solutions.

Our Services

Rely on our expertise in the following areas:

Data Analytics & Intelligence

  • Big Data
  • Data & Web Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics

  • Implementation & Tracking

  • Webtracking
  • Tag Management
  • Data Engineering

  • Cloud & Infrastructure

  • Cloud Engineering
  • BigQuery

  • Web & Shop Solution

  • Webdevelopment
  • eCommerce

  • Comprehensive Service for Your Digital Evolution

    In the rapidly changing online landscape, a well-thought-out and expandable digital tactic is crucial. At ONPEMA, we act not only as your agency, but as a holistic partner for your digital peak performance.

    Data Analytics & Intelligence

    • Big Data: We transform your extensive data sets into valuable, actionable information.
    • Web and Data Analysis: Identify the actual usage of your website to make continuous optimizations.
    • Marketing Data Analysis: Refine your marketing strategies through detailed studies and evaluations.

    Implementation & Tracking

    • Web Data Tracking: We implement effective tracking systems that enable accurate data measurement.
    • Tag Management: Standardize the management of your code snippets to always receive reliable data.
    • Data Architecture: Our specialists design data structures that meet the needs of your business.

    Cloud & Infrastructure

    • Cloud Technology: We securely migrate your data to the cloud and ensure smooth operation of your systems.
    • BigQuery Expertise: Utilize our expertise in BigQuery for rapid and comprehensive data investigations.

    Web & Shop Solutions

    • Website Development: We create web presences that impress both visually and functionally.
    • Online Commerce: Accelerate your eCommerce sales with our targeted online commerce strategies.

    Take the initiative for improved digital visibility. Contact ONPEMA now and find out how we can enhance your online success.

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